Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New InstallCentral Interface (More Apps, Plus It's Now Free!)

So the blog has been dormant for a little while, due to a myriad of reasons. First, we've been busy developing. Secondly, it's been the holidays (Happy New Year!). Third, we've been busy doing more development and fixing the mail issue, which for the majority of customers has fortunately been fully restored. (We're still working diligently to recover a few customers' email -- eternal thanks for being patient!)

In any event, we've been hard at work here. And with that hard work comes some positive changes from time to time. Most recently, we've been busting our butts for a much-needed and overdue InstallCentral revamp/upgrade. InstallCentral, for customers who aren't familiar with the term, is our application installation center -- or, more plainly, the place where you can add cool thingys to your site like blogs, galleries, forums, etc. Best of all for you guys? It's now freeeeeee.

OK, as a product manager, the free stuff is great, but the best part for me is that we have a new interface that makes browsing the applications a breeze. Instead of listing every application on a single page, forcing you to scroll to find what you're looking for, our new design uses a tabbed interface that presents applications by category, i.e., blogs, content management systems, forums, photo galleries, etc. And not only that, our new interface now employs a "My Apps" tab that lists all of your installed applications, version and upgrade information, plus quick access to log into the admin page for your application.

Also, you may have noticed we removed the individual icons for each application you've installed from the "Scripting & Add-ons" section of your control panel. The goal was to unclutter that section of your control panel, and provide you one location from which to manage each of your applications. To access your apps, just click on the "InstallCentral" icon, and you'll be taken to your personal "My Apps" page.

Oh, and did we mention that we've added 13 new applications to our installation center? Check 'em out:

* b2evolution
* PixelPost
* Drupal
* e107
* Mambo
* ZenCart
* Simple Machines Forum (SMF)
* ZenPhoto
* MediaWiki
* Moodle
* OpenRealty
* phpFormGenerator
* SugarCRM


Gale said...

Thank you for installing these applications on a server. I already tried osCommerce, Jommla!, Drupal. Tutorials are very helpful, by the way. Thank you so much for creating them.
I have a suggestion! Can somebody install Magento osCommerce application - http://www.magentocommerce.com/
Magento is becoming more and more popular for some reason. I tried to install it myself, but it didn't work.
Thank you again to all who installed these open source applications on a server and created simple, but very useful tutorials.

Afam said...

Thanks for the writeup. I'm thinking of setting up an e-commerce store and that was really helpful.