Friday, February 18, 2011

Drag and Drop Site Builder Updates

We are excited to release an updated version of our Drag and Drop Site Builder. It will include a number of new features, usability updates, and some bug fixes.

The major feature improvements are ImagePerfect, photo slideshows, faster editing (with a few new tools) and six new themes.

New Features

New features in this release include:

  • "Header Image" header
  • New slideshow element
  • Improved text editing
  • Now allows linking to external websites in navigation
  • Optimized site publishing
  • Better image resizing and compression
  • Support non-icc CMYK jpegs in IE
  • Adjustable page title to improve SEO
  • Removed thick element border while editing text
  • Better support for IE PNG filters in custom themes
  • Added "Remove Formatting" button to text editor
  • Option to upload a file when linking to a file
  • Option to hide site from search engines results
  • Added default robots.txt
  • Added sitemap location to robots.txt
  • Now stores larger versions of images, adapt lightbox
  • Added image gallery "rectangle" aspect ratio

Usability Updates

Usability updates in this release include:

  • Improved button styles
  • New divider line
  • Ability to edit custom HTML with one click
  • Improved dragging/sorting behavior
  • More responsive dragging/sorting in all browsers

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